About Us

What do we do?

The focus of our activities is in supporting Jewish people who are in need of help because they are vulnerable, and institutions which help such people. We focus on Israel, especially in the fields of health care, education, victims of terror and poor and disadvantaged members of Israeli Society. In the UK, we support organisations for youth, students, the elderly and disadvantaged individuals, as well as Jewish education and synagogues. In the wider community we support medical charities and the arts. We do not, unless under exceptional circumstances, provide grants for individuals.

For our registered objects please see Governance.

Who are we?

Established in 2003 by Colin and Hazel Green, Green Aid comprises two distinct charities.

Green Aid

Over the years Green Aid has raised significant sums to support its activities both in the UK and in Israel. Funds have come either through Green Aid, or in some cases donations have been made at our request by donors direct to causes Green Aid has been supporting.

Funds come from donations from Colin and Hazel Green, from fund raising events organised by them and from Israeli Hi Tech companies in appreciation of pro bono advice Colin Green has provided to them.

The Antithesis Charitable Fund

This raises funds from the sale of CDs and music created by Antithesis the Rapper, a member of the Green family. Funds from this trust have been applied towards providing support for the families of Israeli soldiers missing in action (MIAs) and victims of terror in Israel. See www.antithesistherapper.com for more information.