Since our inception, through money raised directly by Green Aid and donations paid to organisations at Green Aid’s request (usually for reasons of tax efficiency for the donor) we have raised over half a million pounds. All monies raised from Israeli Companies are used to support charitable causes within Israel’s Green Line, i.e. the pre-1967 borders. Other monies are applied in supporting Jewish and non-Jewish causes both in the UK and within Israel’s green line.

Green Aid has helped Magen David Adom raise funds for the GPS tracking system deployed to enable it more effectively to ensure its ambulances reach people in need in the fastest possible time.  We have also funded the purchase of a motor bike ambulance for Magen David Adom, and organised events in their support at the BT Tower and 10 Downing Street.

Green Aid has had a close relationship with the Ha’emek Hospital in Afula in the North of Israel.  We have funded a testing room for patients in the haematology department, a new physiotherapy room, a breast imaging ultrasound room and supported Dr Daniel Briscoe in the establishment of a pioneering ophthalmology department.

We provided assistance to the Yemin Orde children’s village in the Carmel region in Israel.  This village for underprivileged children was badly damaged in the fire that devastated the Carmel Forest in late 2010 and needed considerable funds to help rebuild its facilities.

We have supported the Laniado hospital in Netanya and The Forgotten People’s fund which helps Ethiopian immigrants to Israel to settle in and be absorbed into the country

For more information on our achievements, please see our Annual Reports